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Comprehensive ADL Home & Living Skills Report

A Comprehensive ADL (Activities of Daily Living) Home & Living Skills Report is engaged when —

  • a personal injury results in significant impact to the individual and/or

  • a complex set of scenarios is required to be assessed.

This report considers personal and domestic care skills, social leisure and non-vocational interactions, minor home modification, equipment and assistive technology needs.

The report includes a chart of recommendations detailing equipment/service, cost, supplier, frequency of replacement, reimbursement for past gratuitous assistance and out of pocket expenses related to assistance not covered elsewhere.

It can also include future costs calculated on life expectancy and discount and deferred payment factors.

Assessment location: in the home

Assessment duration: avg. 2–3 hours

Report length: avg. 25–30 pages

Turnaround time: 15 business days

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