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NDIS Assessments

Our Team of experienced OTs is ready and dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, providing unbiased and evidence-based assessments to support all NDIS Administrative Reviews.

Our reports are instrumental in assisting Administrative Review Tribunal and legal bodies in managing reviews effectively and showcase how we can support legal decisions through expert opinions and assessments.

Each report is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the NDIS applicants’ and participants’ needs and capabilities.

Our OT’s are able to provide reports on these areas:  

Functional Capacity Evaluation

A comprehensive process that assesses an NDIS participants’ ability to perform various tasks and activities that are essential in daily living. This evaluation is critical in understanding the extent of impairment and the potential impact on the individual’s life.

Our OT experts utilise the most appropriate standardised tests and outcome measurements, and observational assessments to provide comment on communication, social interaction, learning and cognition, mobility, self-care and self-management abilities. The findings provide objective opinion to the Administrative Review Tribunal related to NDIS participants’ functional capacity in a medico-legal context.

Functional Capacity Evaluations can be used to further comment on Care Needs, Capacity Building, Treatment and Rehabilitation Needs.

Home Modifications and Assistive Technology

Adapting living environments to meet the unique needs of an individual is crucial for promoting independence and quality of life.

Our reports include detailed recommendations for home modifications and the integration of assistive and specialist technology. These recommendations are tailored to participant’s specific needs, ensuring that proposed changes are both practical, reasonable and beneficial.

Our goal is to enhance the NDIS participants’ ability to navigate and perform tasks within their living space safely and efficiently.

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