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Established in 1996, Prudence OT delivers leading occupational therapy expert witness reports for all areas of compensation law.

Established in 1996, PrudenceOT has delivered leading expert witness occupational therapy reports across all areas of compensation law for over two decades. PrudenceOT has a team of clinically trained and experienced personal injury OTs with multidisciplinary clinical experience and proven court, joint expert witness conclave, mediation and settlement conference experience.

Our highly experienced, clinically-trained personal injury specialists have multidisciplinary clinical experience and proven court, joint expert witness and ISC experience. And they are located all over Australia to ensure we can deliver a high volume of comprehensive, quality assessments in a timely manner from anywhere.

occupational therapy medico-legal reports delivered per month

years delivering reports and expert witnesses to the medico-legal industry

business day turnaround for all medico-legal reports anywhere in Australia

We provide medico-legal reports for a range of compensation cases and personal injury types:

Areas of practice

Class action
Motor vehicle accidents
Medical negligence
TPD, superannuation and income protection
Public liability
Work injury
Industrial illness and asbestosis

Injury types

Orthopaedic and musculo-skeletal injury
Acquired brain injury
Spinal cord injury
Catastrophic injury
Infant and paediatric cases
Dust and industrial diseases
Psychological injury

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Our management team is focused on delivery

IMG 20170117 102118Prue Sandford

Founder and Executive Director, Quality Assurance

In founding PrudenceOT in 1996, Prue Sandford is arguably one of Australia’s founding medicolegal occupational therapists (OTs) and was one of only a handful of Australia’s leading occupational therapists providing medicolegal reports through until the early 2000s.

Prue went on to build a faculty of OTs, distilling her knowledge into a growing national team, now comprising over 70 expert witness occupational therapists. The quality of each report which was delivered by Prue is now a hallmark of each report delivered by the team, where an uncompromising focus on producing an evidence-based, robust and timely report, has meant PrudenceOT has becomes a trusted, respected and reliable partner in the personal injury market.

Away for the Board of Prudence, the role Prue currently holds as an Advisor, she enjoys and practices yoga and Pilates daily, and invests her time in building her knowledge base in health and wellness practices.

IMG 20170117 101758Chas Wilkinson

Managing Director, Sustainability & Strategic Development

With a focus on quality across all areas of the business and its interaction with customers and clients, Chas brings a unique set of business skills, industry knowledge and life experience to bear.

Joining PrudenceOT in 2005, Chas has since built robust business support systems, worked on developing long term relationships with legal and insurance law professionals and positioned the business as a recognised and respected provider of OT medicolegal reports, as well as allied health and legal industry peak bodies and regulators.

Away from the personal injury industry, Chas has held leadership roles as a long standing president of a state league Aussie Rules (AFL) club and more recently as a vice president of a Football club, and boasts a passion for community-based volunteering, exploring the natural environment and skiing.