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Looking for flexible work, professional growth and excellent pay? Join the team of expert occupational therapists at Prudence OT.

Since 1996, Prudence OT has been a leading national provider of occupational therapists, expert witnesses and independent, evidence-based reports to the medico-legal industry.

Our highly regarded team of OTs are known for their extensive clinical experience, quality reports and reliable testimonies.

As a nation-wide service, we are always seeking OTs with experience in clinical and/or vocational rehabilitation roles to join our team. We offer a completely flexible working arrangement which is well suited to those who are self-employed, prefer to work part-time or want to supplement their income.

Our team of expert OTs also benefit from —

  • excellent hourly rates comparable with NDIS providers
  • access to consistent work and interesting cases
  • professional growth and skill development
  • induction from our Principal and Senior OT
  • admin support from start to finish of each assignment.

“I have been fortunate to work with Prudence OT for the past eight years. Over this time, I have grown as an Occupational Therapist and developed confidence in my clinical judgement. By applying my report writing skills in all areas of my practice I am able to provide clear and concise recommendations to assist my clients achieve their goals.”

Kate D.
Prudence OT

“Prudence OT has given me the opportunity to grow my experience in providing expert opinion as an Occupational Therapist in a professional and credible manner. They have a great administrative team and senior OTs who peer review reports in a constructive manner.”

Christine T.
Prudence OT

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