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Reliable, peer-reviewed OT reports delivered with speed and precision, ensuring expert matching and availability for both in-person and telehealth consultations nationwide.
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Expert Insight, Seamless Collaboration: Build Stronger Personal Injury Cases with Prudence OT

Prudence OT is a nationwide team of highly experienced, clinically-trained occupational therapists working as personal injury specialists and expert witnesses. Since 1996, Prudence OT has been trusted by the medico-legal industry to provide timely, evidence-based, independent reports.

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Our OT assessments and medico-legal reports cover a range of practice areas and personal injury types.


Our experienced OTs are located all over Australia to ensure we can deliver quality assessments and reports anytime, from anywhere.

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Why More Personal Injury Law Firms Trust Prudence OT for Medical Legal Reports

Exceptional Report Quality

Prudence OT’s medico-legal reports set a benchmark for excellence. Each report is meticulously crafted by our skilled occupational therapists, who benefit from comprehensive training under our Principle Occupational Therapist, Christine Eloff. This ensures that every report is insightful, precise, and tailored to meet the exacting needs of personal injury law.

Get Appointments Sooner

Understanding the urgency in legal matters, Prudence OT reduces wait times significantly. Our extensive panel of expert OTs is readily available, ensuring your clients receive prompt and efficient assessments. This commitment to speed does not compromise the quality of our evaluations.

Fast Turnaround

We pledge to deliver our comprehensive reports within 15 business days following the assessment. This rapid turnaround is key in the dynamic world of personal injury law, enabling you to progress matters towards settlement without delay.

Australia Wide Service

Our service reach extends throughout Australia, from major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart to regional towns. This vast network allows us to offer localised insights and unparalleled access, ensuring that no matter where your clients are, you have a medico-legal report provider to reach them all.

In-Person and Telehealth Options

Prudence OT adapts to your clients’ needs by offering both in-person and telehealth assessments. Our diverse network of OTs ensures that we can conduct thorough at-home assessments when needed such as for remote locations, and utilise telehealth services for efficiency and convenience when appropriate.

Expertly Matched OT’s

Every case is unique, and so is our approach to matching OTs. We carefully select occupational therapists with relevant experience for each case, guaranteeing that the assessments and reports you receive are tailored to your specific requirements such as type of claim (MVA claim, workers compensation etc.) or injury type such as spinal injuries.

Extended Payment Options

Prudence OT supports the financial aspects of your cases with flexible payment terms. Our extended payment options, including payments deferred until case settlement, are especially beneficial for ‘no win, no fee’ arrangements, easing your financial burden and eliminating the need for additional litigation funding.

Over 25 Years of Experience

Established in 1996, Prudence OT brings over a quarter-century of expertise in the field of occupational therapy and medico-legal reporting. This extensive experience ensures unmatched proficiency and deep understanding of the intricacies involved in personal injury cases, providing you with reports grounded in decades of knowledge and practice.

Personal Injury Practice Areas Our Assessments Support

Prudence OT assessments unlock a comprehensive independent picture of injury impact, informing key decisions on income loss, care needs, rehabilitation, and future potential to move your client’s case toward a fair settlement.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

For clients suffering from injuries such as whiplash, spinal injuries, or traumatic brain injuries due to motor vehicle accidents, our assessments focus on their ability to return to work and the need for workplace adaptations or retraining.

A woman is sitting at her desk with a pain in her neck.
A man sitting on a couch with crutches and a laptop.

Workplace Injuries

Tailored assessments are available for clients injured at work for all injury types including repetitive strain injuries, falls, or machinery-related accidents at work, emphasising the impact on their job performance and potential for long-term occupational changes.

Cognitive Assessments

Specialising in cognitive evaluations for clients with brain injuries or neurological disorders, we assess how their cognitive functioning is impacting their professional life and daily work activities.

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A man with a beard looking at his head.

Institutional Abuse Assessments

Our assessments for victims of historical institutional sexual abuse concentrate on the psychological impact and its repercussions on their workplace behaviour, focus, and ability to maintain employment.

Medical Negligence

In cases of medical negligence leading to injuries like surgical errors or misdiagnosis, our focus is on assessing the impact of these injuries on the client’s work life, including any necessary modifications or career adjustments.

A doctor is talking to a patient at a desk.
A man and woman in a wheelchair in a gym.

Total and Permanent Impairment Assessments (TPD) 

We provide thorough assessments for TPD claims, with expertise assessing the impact of catastrophic injuries and chronic illnesses which permanently alter a client’s ability to work in their chosen profession.

Respiratory and Dust Diseases

For clients affected by respiratory and dust diseases such as silicosis from cutting engineered kitchen benches, our assessments focus on the disease’s impact on their lung function, work stamina, and the feasibility of continuing in their current occupation, especially in industries like construction or manufacturing.

A person using a concrete grinder on a concrete floor.