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Five reasons to rely on an occupational therapy assessment in personal injury matters

by | 24 Jun 2019 | All, Assessments, Occupational therapists

1. Obtain evidence-based expert opinion

OT assessments provide evidence-based expert opinion based on standardised and non-standardised assessments, current research and statistics, and sound clinical reasoning.

2. Assess impairments and impact

Assess and analyse physical, cognitive and psychological impairments and their combined impact on the ability to meet personal, domestic, home maintenance and transport requirements, travel and leisure needs now and in the future.

3. Assess current and future needs

OT assessments are skilled assessments of equipment, home modification and motor vehicle requirements and expert opinion on current and future needs.

4. Identify interventions

The clinical and case management skills obtained in medical and rehabilitation settings by the OT enable identification of medical and allied health interventions to enhance, maintain or improve current and future function and independence.

5. Obtain expert opinion on care abilities

An OT assessment can provide an expert opinion on ability to maintain and/or provide care for others including paediatric and adult.


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